Map Norway

General information to Norway:

  • Norway is not a member of the European Union as e.g. Finnland and Denmark. So there are customs checks on immigration for people as well as for goods. At least if you arrive with a ferry, checks are only randomly because a lot of vehicles have to pass customs in short period of time. A transporter right in front of us was taken out for checking. However our impression was, that customs is not very interested in tourist cars and motorhomes. But there is no guarantee and fines for having especially to much alcohol with you are quite high. (customs regulations)

  • Everybody who would like to travel to Norway once, knows that Norway is an expensive country for travelling. Prices. Mainly this relates to meat, fruits and alcohol. Clothes and others things we did not recognize as especially expensive. Wine, sparkling wine and any other kind of alcohol, despite for beer, are only available in the "Vinmonopolet" which are owned by the government. Unfortunately not each village has one of those shops and you wont find any advertisements for them. Often you can only find one by asking somebody.

  • On our tour we have only visited southern Norway and the southwestern part. We especially liked the Preikestolen, Hardangerfjord, Stavanger and the coast near Kristiansand with its thousands of small islands.

  • Climate in southern Norway is influenced by the gulfstream which takes care that all the harbours stay ice-free even in deep winter. Overall the weather changes quite frequently. During our stay it rained at least once each day but fortunatly most times in the evening or during the night. The southern coast around Kristiansand is much warmer and has less rain, then the fjords in the southwestern area. Because of the steep mountains surrounding the fjords, in the evening it gets cool quite soon as the sun just reaches the mountain tops but not the valleys anymore then.

Personal tips for Norway:

  • If you arrive by car or motorhome from Denmark, make sure you fill up your stock of food and drinks before you arrive in Norway.

  • Norway is an ideal country for travelling by motorhome. There are plenty of campgrounds and parking spaces to stay overnight. Most of them are described in the "WoMo Reiseführer Süd-Norwegen".
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  • We as well carried the following, quite useful travelbook with us:
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Tips for taking photographs in Norway:

  • Because of the dramatic lighting situations with very high contrast you'll find in Norway quite often, a graduated grey filter is most recommendable during many situations.

  • The fjords do not fit to good for long exposure pics because the water is quiet there. The many, spectacular waterfalls are preferred for these kind of shots. Make sure you carry a good wideangle lens (e.g. 17 mm for 35 mm films) to capture overview pics of them, as many waterfalls are located in narrow canyons (e.g. Latefoss)

  • As I do most times on travel, I used a pola filter for taking pictures around noon.

Campgrounds we used:

  • Familycamping Forellensee, Neumünster
    About EUR 21,-- incl. electricity
    Nice place, mostly for resident campers. A small lake with a sandy beach and a big playground are located inside the place. Unfortunately it is quite loud due to the very near motorway.
    Link - Camping Forellensee

  • Hirtshals Camping, Hirtshals - Denmark (3 nights)
    About EUR 30,-- incl. electricity
    A wonderful place obove the cliffs of Hirtshals and with direct beach access. The small towncentre is in walking distance, the impressive lighthouse of Hirtshals is located directly besides the camping and you can watch the huge ferrys arriving and departing in Hirtshals. The place is a bit windy but despite of that it is a place to stay even for complete holidays. For Denmark you should have a Campingcard Scandinavia as without one, an extra charge has to be paid. Normally the card can be paid at the first campground and it's worth taking one from a stay of two nights already. The impressive Rubjerg Fyr, a lighthouse drowning in a big sanddune, is a good recommendation for a visit and is not to far from Hirtshals.
    Link - Hirtshals Camping

  • Camping Rolligheden, Kristiansand
    About EUR 25,-- without electricity
    Municipal campground, not too nice and not too tidy but it is located ideal if you arrive or depart with a ferry in Kristiansand as it is located only 5 km from the harbour. Just beside the campground is a nice little park with direct access to the sea and a really nice view. The campground is located at the jachting marina and signs lead you there easily.
    Link - Camping Rolligheden

  • Lindesnes Camping, Cape Lindesnes
    EUR 22,-- incl. electricity
    Nice, small site in a windsheltered place. The road to this place is turning off the main road just a few kilometers north of the cape and the lighthouse. The sea access is quite narrow and is only a small breakout in the rocks. There is no beach, and it is not suitable well for children. Free showers!
    Link - Lindesnes Camping

  • Steinsnes Camping, Egersund
    EUR 18,-- without electricity
    Medium sizes campground at the edge of the town Egersund located directly besides the RV44 near the river and about 2 kms from town centre.
    Link - Steinsnes Camping

  • Solvik Camping, Jorpeland (2 nights)
    EUR 22,-- incl. electricity
    Wonderful and very tidy place located at the beach of the fjord. Built in terraces, clean restrooms, campers kitchen and TV. Situated 8 kms north of the town centre. Ideal basis for the trip to Preikestolen, Preikestolenhytta with the parking lot is located 15 kms south of the campground.
    Link - Solvik Camping Jorpeland

  • Camping Soondenastranden, Vikkedal
    EUR 25,-- incl. electricity
    Huge campground directly at the fjord. Nearly only resident campers with sometimes remarable big caravans. Seems to be a preferred place for fishing. Nice and tidy, wonderful view into the fjord. located just before the village and so big you cant miss it.

  • Ringoy Camping, 10 km north of Kinsarvik
    EUR 20,-- incl. electricity
    Very nice place, located directly at the fjord. Small place, fire places and a rowing boat available for free. Small wooden restroom building. Located 11 kms north of Kinsarvik near a small village.
    Link - Camping Ringoy

  • Camping Mo, Norheimsund
    EUR 18,-- incl. electricity
    Very nice, small and tidy campground on the grounds of a former farm. Direct access to the nice little lake and only 1 km from the impressive Steindalsfoss. Located besides the road from Norheimsund to Bergen. Nice, small but clean restroom building.
    Link - Camping Mo

  • Voss Camping, Voss
    EUR 28,-- without electricity
    Clean, municipal campground near the lake. Too expensive and the restrooms and showers are shared with the public lake swimming area.
    Link - Camping Voss

  • Camping Hildal, Hildal
    EUR 18,-- incl. electricity
    Nice, small campground at the edge of a small river near the tiny town Hildal. It was a bit strange, that the owner came at 22:30 to collect the camping fee, driving over the plave with the car and waking up people using the buzzer.
    Link - Camping Hildal

  • Neset Camping, Evje
    EUR 25,-- without electricity
    Huge family camping at the lake. Very good suited for children. Several playgrounds, ducks, rowing boats, kajaks and some rabbits punching around. Located about 10 kms north of Evje.
    Link - Neset Camping

  • Camping Hamburg-Schnelsen, Hamburg-Norderstedt
    EUR 24,-- without electricity
    Nice campground near the airport, not to quiet but a campground in a big city would never be quiet.
    Link - Camping Schnelsen

All prices from summer 2006 for 2 adults and a mid sized motorhome. On most places you need coins for the shower which have cost between 5 and 20 NOK, eachone lasts between 3-5 minutes.