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Some Highlights of our travels around the world:



The Sossusvlei in Namibia was the very highlight during our trip throughout this fascination country in southern africa. The whole of Namibia is a "vast beauty" but you can feel it very best in this fascinating, unreal landscape made of sand. We were lucky and saw the landscape as well with the live bringing coastal fog in the early morning and in the dry and burning heat of the afternoon. From the photographic view we most liked the dead vlei with its dead trees.

Las Vegas


We have visited Las Vegas on both of our trips to the USA and were fascinated every time we visited this wonderful city. During the day Vegas hides it's beauty, but by night when it is illuminated by millions of coloured lights it is like walking in a dream. The whole Las Vegas Strip is really worth to see, as well is Downtown Las Vegas. A special Highlight of course is the Pirates Battle in front of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino which is performed every evening. If you look inside the casinos, do not miss the Caesars Palace with it's Forum Shops. Las Vegas, for us, is and will always be a big Highlight in the USA even if after two days we are always glad to escape to nature again.

San Francisco


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San Francisco has a very special atmosphere and it is a sight beyond description when you drive on a cable car towards the bay and get sight of the Golden Gate, Alcatraz and the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Especially during Indian Summer, when the weather is most time better than in summer, its a pleasure to visit this beautiful city.

Ayers Rock


It is simply a dream, this beautiful rock. Especially during sunrise and sunset when it's colors change every 30 seconds. The climb onto Ayers Rock was one of the very special experiences during our visits to Australia.



For us, the most beautiful city we have ever been, and the only big city where we think we could live for a longer period of time. Especially beautiful are the districts around the Opera and Circular Quay as well as Darling Harbour. The suburbs of Manly and Bondi are very nice, too. Port Jackson the really large natural port of Sydney is fantastic and yhould be discovered on a Harbour cruise.

Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road was beside the Ayers Rock another top highlight in Australia. We have experienced this coastal landscape from it's best side, during sunny but a little stormy weather. The surf was really hard and one could really feel the power of the water crashing towards the cliffs. If you visit the Great Ocean Road, be sure not to miss the Bay of Islands, the London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and of course the 12 Apostels.

Bryce Canyon Nationalpark


Probably the most beautiful Nationalpark in Western America. The views from the view points are already really nice, but who wants to feel all the fascination of this park has to get down into the canyon and walk through this armies of hoodoos. When you walk down, you will discover soon, that you have left the crowds of people behind and can calm down to feel the magic of this park. The colors are nearly unreal and the number of hoodoos are overwhelming.

Arches Nationalpark


The Arches National park has fascination rock formations as well. A real paradise for hikers and photographers. We most enjoyed the views of Double Arch and Delicate Arch. Especially the Delicate Arch, one should not miss. The view to it from the viewpoint is nice, but nothing compared to the view you have after hiking up to this very special stone arch for the sunset. When we were there, we already thought, that there won't be any sunset because of the low clouds. But just shortly before the sun went beyond the horizon her last rays of light fell on the Delicate Arch and illuminated it as if it was lit from inside.

Cliffs of Moher


In 1991 be traveled through southwestern Ireland. Besides the nice people and the calm and quiet villages we were especially fascinated by these cliffs. They rise up to 200 meters and fall vertically towards the sea. A small watchtower gives a nice scale to the huge cliffs.

Victoria Peak


Who visits Hongkong must not miss this beautiful spot. Especially by night, th view on this ocean of lights emitted from Hongkong and Kowloon is absolutely breathtaking. You best choose the Peak-tram for the way up, which brings you to peak-tower in only a few minutes. In this tower you can also find a Möwenpick Restaurant. To get another view, don't miss the view point on top of the shopping mall right beside the tower.

Grand Canyon


There is nothing to say about the Grand Canyon. Everybody has seen it several times on photographs or at TV. But everybody who steps to to the rim of this biggest canyon of the world for the first time (and maybe even for the second time) is speechless. It's measures say the rest: up to 26 km wide, 1650 meters deep and more than 350 km long. We have visited the more quiet Northrim, which is reachable a little bit harder than the more frequented Southrim. Who visits the Northrim should not miss the Walhalla Overlook which is the highest point at the Canyon. It's really worth it, to take a walk down into the canyon, but keep the warnings in mind to carry enough water and to turn around early because the way up needs more than twice the time than the way down.

Bodie Ghosttown


When we were at the Lake Tahoe in 1994 we initially planed to continue to Napa Valley and then down Highway 1 to Los Angeles. But some time before the trip, I had seen a picture of Bodie at a friend of mine and this didn't let me go. So we turned our route around and went to Bodie and straight down the Sierra Nevada, which was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Bodie is like a dream. You really have to get a Ghosttown-fan when you are there. This Ghosttown is in an incredible good condition and has a very special atmosphere. A place especially for amateur photographers.

Other slideshows:

Salta Natale

Circus by night

Salto Natale an event circus was playing in Zurich-Kloten in December 2004.
The slideshow shows pictures taken by night when the tent was illuminated by coloured lights.